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Fight Football League: It's Going To Be A Riot (Literally)

One day I'm going to have my own little adult Halloween. It'll be just like Halloween as a kid, but I'll probably have to skip dressing up and knocking on stranger's doors since that might get you shot. Also, I'll probably just go buy my own candy, and just get the ones I like and not the awful black-and-orange-wrapped peanut candies, which were an adult's way of saying "I hate you, your costume, and this entire holiday." 

So what I'm saying is that I really just want to sit inside and eat candy out of an orange plastic pumpkin, and there's nothing wrong with that at all. But it would be so much better if you could watch people playing a football-like game once the sugar kicked in, and if that game involved punching people in the face without penalty for 48 minutes.

Oh, so that's been done, eh? (Video proof after the jump.)

I've been saying for a long time that the sport of Rugby Sevens was nice, but didn't involve quite enough full-bore running for me combined with repeated punches to the face, head, neck, and ribs. Fortunately the Fight Football League is there to answer the call. Italy, you brought us gelato, bribery, the Ferrari, Monica Bellucci, and now a sport that looks like Aussie Rules football set on beast mode? Besides keeping this league together for longer than three seasons without a major scandal involving Silvio Berlusconi, corruption, cooked books, and prostitutes, what can't you do? 

(HT: BurritoBros)