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Someone Who Can Be Mildly Thankful For Favre News: Fantasy Owners

We're all sick to death of the hoopla surrounding a Brett Favre return that we all saw coming miles away. The only real uncertainty surrounding it was just when exactly Favre would be rejoining the Vikings. Some had pegged the date as late as after the team's bye week the first week of October.

Because we're in the thick of the fantasy draft period, getting the official word now means a pretty significant overhaul to draft boards. While Favre isn't in the absolute top tier of passers, he's pretty far up there if his numbers resemble the ones he put up in 2009.

Nevertheless, the admitted less than ideal status of his ankle has to remain a significant concern. It could mean a slow start to the season, or even a complete meltdown later on.

If your fears only go as far as the former being the case, remember that Favre didn't eclipse more than 155 yards passing in his first two starts with the Vikings last season, as he was still working to learning the system and familiarize himself with his receivers. And yet he was able to put up the numbers he did the rest of the season.