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WEC 50 Results: Bart Palaszewski Knocks Out Zack Micklewright

In the main card opener of WEC 50 Bart Palaszewski and Zach Micklewright fought a fast paced first round with both men landing significant blows early and often. Throughout the first five minutes both men showed great ability to absorb punishment and while most felt Bart came away with a 10-9 round it was very close and extremely competitive.

Very early in the second round Palaszewski was able to land a hard shot that buckled Micklewright's legs. Being the veteran he is Bart pounced and landed a flurry of punches that did not let Zack recover. Following a body kick that lowered Micklewright's hands Bart landed a hard right hand that dropped his foe and forced the ref to jump in and award "Bartimus" the TKO victory.