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WCC Woos BYU For Cougars' Non-Football Teams

The West Coast Conference is trying to get in on the conference realignment action with an attempt at securing BYU for non-football membership.  The WAC sits currently at six basketball members; it takes eight teams for a conference to gain an automatic berth to the NCAA tournament.

Here is where the WCC swoops in with an offer to the Cougars:

WCC commissioner Jamie Zaninovich told early Wednesday the league would be interested in pursuing BYU for all sports except football. Zaninovich said BYU would fit well with the other church-based institutions in the eight-team league. Zaninovich told he reached out to BYU but hasn't heard back.

This would certainly boost the basketball prowess of a conference that already has a few good teams in Gonzaga and St. Mary's, and as for BYU, this makes some sense if they are truly going to leave the Mountain West.

UPDATE: Apparently the WAC would still be able to keep their auto-bid status in basketball with only six members.