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WEC 50 Results - Anthony Pettis Puts On Career Best Performance Submitting Shane Roller

Throughout his career Anthony Pettis has had a lot of trouble with good wrestlers and in his WEC 50 bout with Shane Roller he was facing a three time NCAA All-American wrestler. Pettis had been training with amateur wrestling phenom Ben Askren leading up to this fight and advanced his skill an amazing amount by managing to not only avoiding most of Roller's takedowns but also getting a few of his own.

On the feet Roller was able to land a couple big punches but for the most part Pettis' flashy striking kept him well ahead. In addition the times where the fight was on the ground it was either a stalemate or Pettis was able to attempt to lock in submissions.

In the third round Roller was finally able to get a takedown that gave him position for the majority of the round but after not locking in the guillotine choke he fell right into a triangle choke from Pettis with 10 seconds left on the clock and had no choice but to tap out.

The WEC will likely put Pettis in the cage with 155 pound champion Benson Henderson in what is almost guaranteed to be a great fight.