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VIDEO: Antonio Cromartie Trying To Remember The Names Of All His Kids

You just can't make up a headline like that. Wednesday night, Antonio Cromartie answered the call from the Comedy Gods, and he answered it with vigor.

You'll recall, in the recap for last week's Hard Knocks episode, I mentioned this:

The first episode was probably a 9.7 on a scale of 10, but think about the people we've still got left! Specifically, Santonio Holmes and Antonio Cromartie. Will Cromartie bring 15 kids to family day?

Psh... Even better. Video after the jump.

That's right. Instead of a photo-op on Family Day, here's Antonio, listing each of his young children. As my non-sports fan roommate remarked last night, "That's like 5 kids within the span of a year!"

In case you or Antonio forgets, here's the list:

Alonzo - 5 years old

Carris (sp?) - 3 years old

Antonio Jr. - 3 years old

"My daughter who just turned three" - 3 years old

Tyler - turns 3 in December

London - born October 16, 200..?

Lelani - 2 years old

Jersey - newborn with his wife

This—this moment—is why we can never, ever have enough pro sports reality shows.