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Brad Childress Confirms Percy Harvin Collapsed Due To Migraines

Vikings coach Brad Childress confirmed that Percy Harvin collapsed on the field Thursday afternoon due to migraines.

Apparently it started when Harvin looked into the sky during special teams drill. Somehow, that triggered the episode, Childress says.

"I don't know how to classify [the episode]," Childress said. "Not reallly a seizure but he had some trouble over here. I'd be remiss if I tried to qualify it one way or the other. He seemed like he was stable. Shugs [head athletic trainer Eric Sugarman], Dr. [Sheldon] Burns and Dr. [Chris] Larson were all with him right there and Shugs and Dr. Burns rode to the hospital with him. ... As we say those things [migraines] can be debilitating and obviously that one hit and hit hard. It's always scary for all of our guys when you see a teammate struggling with whatever. We said a quick prayer for him."

Childress said Harvin was "trembling" and in and out of consciousness.

After the ambulance left, Brett Favre suggested the team do one more practice period before they went inside. After they did that, practice was called early.

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