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NFL Training Camp News: Albert Haynesworth Misses Third Straight Practice With Dehydration

Redskins defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth missed his third consecutive day of practice on Thursday morning for what the team is calling dehydration.

SB Nation's Hogs Haven took a closer look at what actually causes dehydration and says something doesn't add up with Haynesworth, who was ruled out before even attempting to practice.

OK, ok, he's 340 pounds. I get it. Fat guys are more prone to this. But really? You don't think something stinks in all this mess? Perhaps the knee is acting up again. I can't imagine how Zorn would be handling all this, but Shanahan is doing the right thing just down-playing it. I'll hold judgment until the Ravens game but dehydration from standing on the side of a field for 3 days with a top-notch training staff at his disposal doesn't add up.

Thursday is the final day of training camp for the Redskins and it's ending just like it started -- with Haynesworth on the sidelines.

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