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Prince Amukamara NFL Draft scouting report

Prince Amukamara
Height: 6’1, 205 pounds | CB | Nebraska

Agility/Hips: A converted running back, Prince shows great flexibility in his hips and top-notch agility. He has the ability to change direction quickly. Is able to chop his feet to change direction. Flips his hips quick and effectively.

Ball Skills: Plays the ball well. Able to locate and track the ball. Plays mostly with his back to the quarterback, but shows an ability to flip and find the ball. 5 interceptions in 2009 may seem minor, but few teams challenged Amukamara, so this number is much more impressive.

Body Control: Has the balance and quickness of a running back. Shows great foot speed and burst. Very balanced and aware of his body. Able to adjust to the ball in flight. Very impressed with his ability to shuffle his feet and sprint.

Instincts/Recognition: Although under-experienced, Amukamara’s instincts are top-notch. Has a good ability to read the receiver and jump routes. Anticipates the route well. Reads the quarterback when given the ability to play with his face to the passer.

Man coverage/turning ability/press skill: Very good at re-routing receivers. A physical corner, Amukamara is at his best in man coverage. Excels at bump and run against college receivers, but may not be as dominant against NFL level receivers. Shows a good press at the line. Is quick enough to recover if his press fails. Detractors will point at the excellent Nebraska pass rush and the fact that Amukamara was not asked to hold his coverage for long periods of time.

Pursuit: Very able and willing, but this is one area where his lack of elite speed does hurt. Will not catch receivers or backs from behind. Could benefit from taking better angles down field. Comes up to attack the run well and racks up tackles in run support.

Speed: Is more quick than fast. Great in short bursts, but may be outran by receivers. Fortunately he is able to use his vision, strength and agility to contend with receivers.

Tackling/Run Support: An able and willing tackler. Not afraid to play in the box and attack the line of scrimmage. Has been used on corner blitzes and shows great natural instincts when closing on the ball. Actually had 2 sacks in 2009.

Zone coverage: Shows the skills to excel in zone coverage, but has not been used much as a zone cover man. Is tall with long arms, which enables him to reach the ball at its highest point. Has the footwork to sink in to coverage, and the quickness to recover and come up to the ball.

Final Word: Only a two-year starter at Nebraska, he does not have the experience of other top cornerbacks in the class. However, Amukamara has more talent than those players. Although somewhat untested, he has gone up against top wide receivers in the Big 12 and is plenty battle tested.

Given the top grade by National scouts during the preseason, Amukamara must live up to his hype in 2010.