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Paul The Psychic Octopus Invades The Hearts Of Russia

The CSKA Moscow/Spartak Moscow rivalry has everything a hot-blooded sports fan could possibly wish for: Matches played in front of 75,000 fans and 2,400 guards (guards spaced three feet apart and protected by a moat, a fence, and a legion of attack dogs), reliably frequent violent outbursts, fans ripping seats out of the stadium to brain each other with, and full-speed play in two feet of snow surrounded by howling crowds of shirtless drunks.

Over the weekend, these sporting Russian hooligans further endeared themselves to the international community with a display of devotion to soccer's most venerated cephalopod, Paul the Psychic Octopus. Spotted at their most recent match:






Translation: "Your fate is foretold." (Having never personally met Paul, I assume this is drawn to scale, including the teeth.)