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Carlos Silva Placed On DL For Precautionary Reasons Following Heart Trouble

Carlos Silva was pulled early in his Sunday start with an abnormal heart beat. He spent the night in a hospital and was released Monday morning feeling fine, but he's still due to meet with a cardiologist for further evaluation, and has been placed on the DL:

Cubs placed RHP Carlos Silva on the 15-day disabled list with cardiac evaluation.

It was a scary incident, but one Silva already seems to be dealing with pretty well:

The Cubs said it was not a career-threatening injury, and Silva laughed off the idea.


"You always take that so deep," he said. "Relax."

According to Silva, this isn't the first time he's felt an abnormal heart beat, but this is the first time it hasn't fixed itself within moments. He will be re-evaluated, and likely kept under close watch for the rest of his career as a precaution.

Casey Coleman is up from AAA to take Silva's roster spot for the time being.