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Say Goodbye To Mannywood, Say Goodbye My Manny

When Manny Ramirez first arrived in Los Angeles in 2008, he quite literally took over the town.  You couldn't drive on the 405 or La Cienega Boulevard without running into a Mannywood billboard. And of course, Dodgers Stadium became the home of Mannywood itself.

How quickly things change.  The rise and fall of Manny in LA is almost complete with the removal of the Mannywood sign in left field.  In it's place, a John Hancock Insurance banner.

Despite hitting 44 homers and 155 RBIs in 218 games for the Dodgers, Manny has been more likely to be found on the disabled list this season than in uniform. Considering he's already a lame duck who told the team (and its fans) that he's gone at the end of the year, it's no surprise the team listened to offers last week during the trade deadline

For now, the team and the Manny are stuck with each other until the season is over.  They just don't have to advertise it anymore.

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