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Down On The Farm: Prospect Chat With ESPN's Keith Law

Here are a few excerpts from Keith Law's chat over at ESPN last Thursday:

Gavin (Rockville, MD)

Klaw,How alarmed should fans be about Derek Norris' severe loss of power? Can we shrug it off as hamate bone surgery side-effect and will it come back after it's fully healed? Or has it been taken from him, like Ed's pea puree, never to return?

  (1:03 PM)

Typical recovery time for power after a hamate injury is 12-18 months. I'm not saying Norris' WILL come back, but that we don't know anything about it right now. Same for Alonso. In both cases, I would bet on a full recovery, but we can't look at the stats now and say "oh, he's toast."

Since I own both in the UBA league, I hope he is right about Derek Norris and Yonder Alonso.

Chris (Chicago)

Even though Rickie Weeks is finally having the type of season we have all expected, isn't this the best case scenario for him? Or can he continue to be this good if healthy?

  (1:05 PM)

If healthy, I think there's even a little more in there.

He will move up the second base rankings in 2011 for sure.

Juan Cruz (Baltimore)

Rank- Britton, Tillman, Matusz, and Arrieta for long-term value

  (1:07 PM)

Matusz Britton Tillman Arrieta.

The Orioles certainly have plenty of young arms to carry them in the next 4-5 years.

Walley (Woodstock, CT)

Better longterm, G. Beckham or Ackley?

  (1:12 PM)

I like them both, but I'd say Beckham.

For fantasy owners, Beckham is better as he can hit for power and Ackley, not so much.

More prospect Q & A after the jump:

Joe P. (Las Vegas, NV)

I know what your feelings about Tyler Colvin have been. Being a rookie with room to grow and adjust, are you still not convinced he can turn himself into a solid major leaguer? He is sporting a very decent .867 OPS although his OBP is not good at .319.

  (1:18 PM)

Fourth outfielder. Between trouble with LHP and his overall problems getting on base, Colvin doesn't look at all to me like an everyday guy. By the way, Colvin showed up this spring with an extra 20 pounds of muscle ... wasn't that supposed to be a bad thing? I can't keep track of the rules of the witch hunt.

Is Colvin a one-year wonder? Same goes for Andres Torres, no?

James (Orange, CA)

What do you make of Dee Gordon's season at AA? Should Dodger fans be happy that he is holding his own despite a two level jump given his "rawness" or should the lack of patience and power be a major red flag?

  (1:57 PM)

The two-level jump was too much - I think I wrote that in spring training before it even happened. I like Gordon's ability, but he's still unrefined as a hitter and could have used at least a half-season at high-A for the more gradual increase in the caliber of pitching he's facing.

Yes, Gordon was probably rushed. He needs to walk more, but is still hitting .281 at AA with 39 SBs.

ed price (somewgere)

jonathan singelton in deal... thoughts?

  (2:12 PM)

Makes a big difference if true. Pretty easy, simple swing, but not geared for power right now.

He is someone to watch should the power develop.

Glen (MSP)

Is Freddie Freeman moving up your list with his recent play? Pretty good production at his age in AAA, no?

  (2:44 PM)

Very good. I just don't see a really high ceiling there.

Freeman could be the Braves starting first baseman in 2011