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NFL Preseason, Patriots Vs. Falcons: Wes Welker Gets Involved Early

Patriots WR Wes Welker underwent surgery on his ACL in February. At the time, the common thought process was that Welker would miss at least part, if not all of the season recovering from the injury.

But, there he was just six months later in the Patriots second preseason game against the Falcons.

Pats Pulpit has a rundown of Welker's impact:

When the Patriots took the field for their first play, Wes Welker wasn't on the field.  However, on the team's second play, Wes was back.  And the Patriots didn't take any time to ease him into the offense.  On the first play, Wes caught a six yard hook.  When he was tackled, I held my breath, as Wes was hit at virtually every possible angle.  Play two, Wes again, this time on a 14 yard grab on a throw that was behind him.  On his third play, Wes was targeted on a screen and was rocked by Falcons defensive back Chris Owens.  Still, Wes popped right back up and was fine.  Welker played a total of six snaps, all on the team's first drive.

Welker ended, officially with 20 yards on two catches. He was targeted three times.

Check out Pats Pulpit for a full recap of the Patriots game.