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Report: Utah State Negotiating Move From WAC To MWC

Thursday, a report came out stating that WAC member Utah State had turned down the opportunity to join the MWC in a bold move to stay loyal. So much for that.

Today the repot from the Deseret News is that USU is “actively negotiating” with the MWC about jumping over.

A source close to the USU administration tells the Deseret News Utah State is actively negotiating a berth in MWC with WAC falling apart

Any conference move for USU depends on BYU’s decision on FB indy status. Nothing will happen before Monday at earliest

To be clear, that source says nothing impending, but that is the goal of current negotiations for USU.

That’s from Jared Eborn of the Deseret News. Like most of the other programs in the WAC and MWC, Utah State seems to be waiting on someone else, someone much bigger than them, to make a move first. And so we wait.