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WAC'd: Are We Witnessing The Demise Of The Western Athletic Conference?

Two days ago, it looks like the WAC was on its way to regaining some of its old glory, if that's appropriate to say.  Once left for dead when its best schools shuffled loose and formed the Mountain West Conference, the WAC always seemed like the MWC's little, petulant brother.  Sure it had Boise State...but that was about it.  Sooner or later Boise was going to leave and that would be that.

Boise did decide to leave a few months ago.  But the WAC soldiered on just like before. Then, BYU announced their grand scheme.  Join the WAC in everything except football, where they'd remain independent.  Not a perfect scenerio for the WAC but something that certainly weakened the MWC. Coupled with the loss of Utah, the MWC was starting to look like a crumbling mountain-range dynasty itself.

Then Nevada and Fresno State jumped ship from the WAC to the MWC and the roles reversed right back. Now come rumors that more WAC members are considering jumping ship.  Not to mention reports that the MWC thinks BYU is bluffing and will return to their fold.  With already too few schools to field a competitive football conference, the WAC needs to come up with a game-changing plan ASAP in order to survive.

Things change so quickly these days in the world of college football conference.  Who knows, by this time next week perhaps we'll be talking about the amazing turn of events that led to USC leaving the Pac-10 for the WAC.  Then again...probably not.