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Bristol Race Day Weather Forecast

Conditions in Bristol, TN:
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We will be in a very tropical air mass today which has already produced scattered areas of light rain and drizzle this morning. We could get another round of rain around midday and into the early afternoon. Despite what the models have been saying about a mostly dry day and evening I am going to go back to my original forecast of scattered showers and a few thunderstorms throughout the day thanks to the passage of a warm front last night

As we head into the evening, we still have the threat of a few scattered showers and storms. The radar will need to be watched this afternoon and evening but just because the threat is there doesn't necessarily mean this is a washout. It is always a tough call when talking about scattered areas of rain. You never know exactly where they will form and move. Just like Michigan last weekend, there were heavy rain showers all around the track and still they passed by us.

   7:00 p.m EDT – Irwin Tools Night Race – Variably cloudy, scattered showers & storms possible - temp: 83