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The Day After, Nationals Encouraged By Health Of Stephen Strasburg's Arm

I think everyone freaked out a little bit when Stephen Strasburg left Saturday's game early, and for justifiable reasons. He is one of the world's greatest talents, and no one wants to see him get hurt. So now, the day after, it seems like we have good news:

#Strasburg did regular workout today, played catch. On way to DC for MRI. Rizzo says he has not been shut down.less than a minute ago via mobile web

Strasburg is feeling much better, and if he's hurt at all, it seems the injury is rather minor. Of course, adds the Post:

Nationals rookie pitcher Stephen Strasburg reported significant improvement in his right forearm this morning.
While Riggleman acknowledged the improvement in Strasburg's condition, he said the team would "still be very conservative" with the phenom, in regards to a potential return to the mound -- perhaps a signal the team is at least considering shutting him down for the year.

What's important isn't the remainder of Strasburg's 2010. It's the health of his arm, and at least for now - pending MRI results - it appears that his arm is doing all right.