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Brett Gardner Has A Need To Educate You About Speedy Evacuations

Let us hope the tradition of getting athletes to cut no-budget public service announcements never dies. Living in a world where Brett Gardner (of the "world champion New York Yankees") wouldn't get to educate folks in South Carolina on the importance of evacuation readiness just wouldn't be as cool as the one we live in.

It's a clever spot, too.

At first, you think the worst part of it is the Windows 98 screensaver-esque background on the TV behind Gardner, then you realize that it's Gardner's disembodied head on it, and then you see the Paint-level work that turned a Gardner steal attempt into a mailbox on a baseball field. That demonstrates a commitment to making a Matryoshka doll of awful PSA features I didn't think the Department of Homeland Security I didn't think South Carolina was capable of.

HT: No Maas.