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NFL Preseason, Vikings Vs. 49ers: Nate Davis Drawing Attention After Performance

SB Nation's Niners Nation seems to think their third quarterback, Nate Davis, should be competing with David Carr to be Alex Smith's primary backup. Davis is coming off of a 7-of-16 passing performance for 114 yards on Sunday night against the Vikings.

Nate Davis started the second half and looked very, very impressive. I've not been on the bandwagon, simply because I wanted to see more from him, but he made a strong case for himself today to take over the #2 job from Carr. His most impressive play was a 60 yard strike to Ginn which he threw from the 49ers own goal line. That throw elicited comparisons from Collinsworth to HOFer John Elway.

Unfortunately, 49ers head coach Mike Singletary saw the performance differently.

"I think he has to get on the same page. I think he has to get on the same page and really put himself in the position to really compete. I just think right now that he's competing against himself, I really do.

It's possible Singletary is just using this as a motivational technique. After all, preseason is designed for guys like Nate Davis, the third quarterback.

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