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Percy Harvin's Collapse Not Directly Related To Migraines, Vikings Trainer Says

In a scary moment at the Vikings facilities last week, WR Percy Harvin collapsed during training camp practice. Trainers tended to him and he was eventually taken in an ambulance to the hospital.

After the incident, Vikings coach Brad Childress talked about migraines being one of the problems, something Harvin's struggled with for years. According to Vikings head athletic trainer Eric Sugarman, the collapse wasn't directly related to migraines.

Sugarman, who along with team doctors tended to Harvin and also called 911, is confident the Vikings know why Harvin collapsed and how to prevent it from happening again. Issues that led to Harvin being unresponsive might have included an adverse reaction to medication, dehydration and blood pressure that went too low.

Harvin was reported to have looked up into the sun during special teams drills at which point some sort of migraine kicked in. Apparently that wasn't the entire problem.

Harvin is expected to practice this week and was working out at the Vikings facilities over the weekend. Meanwhile, he'll continue to undergo tests

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