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Stephen Strasburg's Elbow, And Rob Dibble's Solution To Everything

Stephen Strasburg left his last start with an injury, and is headed to the disabled list with an elbow strain. Rob Dibble is the opinionated color guy for the Washington Nationals, and a host for Sirius XM's MLB Network Radio. If you think about it, this sort of thing was inevitable.

"I'm not a doctor, and I haven't read the MRI yet, but I'm pretty sure [Strasburg]'s gonna come back fine," Dibble said.
Ok, you throw a pitch, it bothers your arm, and you immediately call out the manager and the trainer? Suck it up, kid. This is your profession.
"You give these guys $15 million bucks, please," he said. "Get your butt out there and play every fifth day."

There's plenty more material in there, and rather predictably, it has Twitter and the rest of the internet up in arms, with everyone and his mother accusing Dibble of being an idiot. It doesn't help that this comes just after Dibble made some other questionable remarks about women chatting at a game. Dibble's certainly working up something of a track record.

If you leave the indignation aside for a moment, though, and step back to assess the situation objectively, a pattern emerges.

Issue: Women chatting at a game
Dibble's solution: Watch baseball

Issue: Stephen Strasburg sustains minor arm injury
Dibble's solution: Play baseball

Issue: Child rendered sightless by accident
Dibble's solution: Listen to baseball

Issue: Parents separated from kids at crowded amusement park
Dibble's solution: Wear baseballs

Issue: Poverty runs rampant in underdeveloped countries
Dibble's solution: Make baseballs

Issue: 29 nations still face alarming hunger situation, as evaluated by the Global Hunger Index
Dibble's solution: Eat baseballs

Rob Dibble isn't an idiot, a misogynist, or an idiotic misogynist. Rob Dibble's just a guy with a love. An enduring, insatiable love he just wants to share with the world. Now who's being close-minded, really?