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Leinart And Anderson Fail To Stand Out For Cardinals

If the Arizona Cardinals were hoping that one of the team's prospective starters at quarterback would offer a performance indicative of a leader under center, they must have been sorely disappointed.

In the first half against the Titans first-team defense, Matt Leinart finished a woeful 4-for-6 for 26 yards. Derek Anderson did marginally better, posting a 9-for-16 performance for 97 yards, using a 37-yard completion to lead the offense to a field goal in the second quarter, which ended up being the only scoring drive for the team in the first half.

On the other side, Vince Young had a respectable evening, going 9-for-13 for 128 yards. Young was forced to recover his own fumble on one play, but threw the ball effectively enough early to make the defense back off the line against Chris Johnson. As a result, Johnson was able to cap a touchdown drive with an 8-yard run.