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Giants Land Outfielder Cody Ross In Waiver Claim

Already having added outfielder Jose Guillen to the mix, the Giants on Sunday picked up a new outfielder once more - Cody Ross, formerly of the Florida Marlins.

The Giants got center fielder Cody Ross from the Marlins, who allowed him to go via a waiver claim on Sunday.
The Marlins apparently were happy to let Ross, and the approximately $1 million of his remaining salary, go to the Giants.

It's unclear whether the Giants claimed Ross because they wanted him or because they were trying to block him from ending up with the Padres, but the likelihood is the latter, as Ross offers little to what's already a crowded outfield. The 29 year old, though, is capable of playing all three positions, and he owns a career .466 slugging percentage, so he is not without his uses.

For San Francisco, Ross will enter something of a complicated rotation, and given a probable 2011 arbitration award near $6 million, he's a good bet to get non-tendered in the winter. For Florida, Cameron Maybin will come up and assume regular work in the outfield the rest of the way.

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