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Report: White Sox Intend To Claim Manny Ramirez Off Waivers

Manny Ramirez is expected to hit the waiver wire Tuesday or Wednesday, as the Dodgers explore their options for dumping him off. And one team that appears interested in taking him on?

Source: #WhiteSox plan to claim Manny. Story soon on #Rays #Rangers #Dodgers #MLBless than a minute ago via web

The White Sox make sense. They don't have a fragile clubhouse incapable of handling a distraction, and they do have a need at DH, where Mark Kotsay and an assortment of others have combined to bat just .237 with a .709 OPS on the year. Whether Manny would be enough to push them past the Twins, of course, is unknown and unlikely, but if Kenny Williams could afford the price tag, there's little risk to taking a gamble. That's a team that needs help, and Manny could most definitely provide a shake-up.