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Clinton Portis Actually A Late Round Steal?

There are rumblings that both Willie Parker and Larry Johnson, the retread running backs the Redskins signed to help shore up the rushing attack during the offseason, are in danger of not making the team's final roster.


If they do in fact fail to make the team, that would leave only young rushers Ryan Torian and Keiland Williams to back up the ninth year veteran. It could also mean a higher share of the carries than perhaps may have been expected for the once franchise back.


Given that Portis has been going at an average draft position in the 11th round, at least in leagues, that could mean considerably value. Of course, there's also the matter that Portis has missed half the regular season with injury two of the past four regular seasons. However, by that point in the draft, getting a top quality starter for even half the season is probably worth taking a flier on.