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Donovan McNabb Ruled Out For Friday's Game Against Jets

Mike Shanahan said on Tuesday that Redskins QB Donovan McNabb would not be playing on Friday against the Jets. Shanahan says the banged-up ankle would probably keep him out even if it were a regular season game.

Now it appears McNabb won't play in either of the final two preseason games, according to Mike Prada of SB Nation DC.

Now, he is also pretty close to being ruled out of the team's final preseason game against the Cardinals next Thursday, as coach Mike Shanahan told reporters that chances are "slim" that McNabb will suit up.

It's not only because McNabb is banged-up because Shanahan usually doesn't have his quarterback play in the fourth preseason game.

McNabb's ankle shouldn't be a cause for concern at this point. The Redskins open the season in over two weeks on Sunday night Sept. 12. against the Cowboys.

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