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Rob Dibble, No. 1: A Real Man With Real Feelings; Hate Him If You'd Like

2010 SB Nation trading cards, Series II, No. 1: Rob Dibble.


After a particularly poor night of broadcasting , Rob parked his car in his driveway and sat there for a few minutes, staring at nothing. Once inside, he Googled "how to make people not not like you." After a few minutes’ worth of irrelevant links and empty promises of free iPods, he turned to his dog, Entourage: The Television Show, and said, "I wish I could be better. I’m not bad at my job on purpose. I love baseball." He then crawled into bed, lying awake for an hour, dwelling on all the people who wish he were unemployed, then of whatever became of his childhood teddy bear companion. Robdger [sic] was still out there somewhere, he figured, perhaps in the clutches of a child in a third-world nation, and he smiled and fell asleep. Next time you speak ill of him, remember this.




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