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Jeremiah Masoli Still Not Cleared For Game Action At Ole Miss

Oregon castoff Jeremiah Masoli is earning accolades down in SEC country from his coaches for his work on the practice field, but at the moment the practice field is the only environment in which he's allowed to contribute:

[Masoli] has yet to receive an NCAA waiver of the one-year residency requirement for a transfer student. It's a request that typically is rubber-stamped if the transfer enrolls in a different graduate school program than is offered at his previous school.
"There aren't many of these type waiver requests made and we've never processed one because of the requirements that must be made for consideration," said David Wells, Ole Miss' assistant athletic director for compliance. "I anticipate that we will hear something prior to the start of the season, sooner would be better than later.

I'm told by everyone I ask that this is essentially a non-issue, but even if it takes more time than they'd like, later would actually be fine: The Rebels open with Jacksonville State, followed by Tulane and Vanderbilt. And the head coach? Why, he's not concerned in the least:

Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt said he has a plan for his quarterbacks, but doesn't want to reveal it until senior Jeremiah Masoli is cleared by the NCAA.
"I'm just glad we've got three and all three can play," Nutt said.

Forgive me for taking this out of context and hauling downfield with it, but: Lord deliver us, Houston Dale Nutt has A Plan. Please, oh please, say it involves rotating all three quarterbacks on the roster. Or fielding all three at once. Those early-season patsy games could do with a little levity.

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