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Rockies Fans Delighted By Nine-Run Comeback Over Braves

Wednesday afternoon, the Rockies pulled off an incredible rally, turning an early 10-1 deficit into a 12-10 victory. Nine runs equals the biggest comeback in franchise history, and the fans, as you can imagine, are having a grand old time:

Who said this team is out of it? Who said this team had given up on the season? Who said the Rockies are bad? Who's saying any of that now?

Time and a place. Time and a place. The Rockies are there now. After a march on Atlanta, the next move is an anabasis to the playoffs.

And from the comment thread:

God I love this game.

how can you not love this team?


WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thatwasAMAZINGRockiesweredownby3runsandthentheyweredownby4andthen5-andthen9butthentheyweredownby8andthen6andthen2thentheyTIEDIT

An image that's fun to look at after a game like this is something called a Win Expectancy graph, made available at It shows a team's chances of winning as a function of time. The Win Expectancy graph for the Rockies' comeback: