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Braves Fans, Meanwhile, Are In A Pretty Bad Place Following Massive Rockies Rally

When one side of a game is having the time of its life, what tends to be the case is that the other side isn't doing so hot. Witness Talking Chop after the Braves handed away a nine-run lead and lost to the Rockies.

Write your own recap if you'd like. I'm speechless right now, and couldn't describe what happened this afternoon even if I wanted to.

Glad there’s no full recap. We should do nothing that would serve to memorialize what happened this afternoon in Coors field.

That sucked ass


There’s no record of what happened.

Bobby Cox lost this game, no one else. I know all of you love Bobby but he IMO has always been a bad in game manager

For Cox's part, he had the following to say:

#Braves' Cox called Jurrjens' 5th-inning walk of pitcher Rogers (in his first career PA) the turning point of the game. I'd tend to agreeless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

The pitcher that walked was Matt Reynolds, and not starter Esmil Rogers. The walk came with one out and none on, and was followed by a single, a triple, and a double that turned a 10-2 game into a 10-5 game after the inning. Whether or not this was the true turning point, or even if there was a true turning point, is an open question, but you most definitely don't want to go around walking pitchers when you've got an eight-run lead.