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NBC And Notre Dame Pinky-Swear To Aid And Abet The No-Huddle

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Notre Dame football, returning to prominence just any decade now, is clearly in need of a bit of a boost to clear a bar any higher than the Hawaii Bowl.  And with the staggering amount of money NBC has invested in the Fighting Irish program, it's only logical that they'd jump on board in an attempt to speed the process along when it comes to the potentially awkward marriage of Brian Kelly's no-huddle offense and a Peacock telecast:

"We've talked to NBC about the way we like to play the game versus maybe how it was played in the past," Kelly said Tuesday. [...] "I'm very confident that we're going to be able to do the things we want to do in terms of pushing the tempo without having to go to a commercial break."
For this season's Notre Dame game telecasts, NBC will switch to the NFL TV model of five shorter commercial breaks per quarter rather than four longer commercial breaks. The total amount of advertising time will be the same. But the shorter breaks will run about 1 minute, 45 seconds this season compared to 2:30 last season.

In response, ESPN has promised to aid the flow of the multitude of SEC games on its networks by keeping Pam Ward securely chained to the Big Ten.