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DeSean Jackson Tries To Ease Concerns Over Philly Offense

It's the time of the year when everything is supposedly on the verge of working itself out for the best, unless of course you happen to be a Arizona Cardinals fan looking for a starting quarterback to emerge or a Vikings fan hoping the receiving corps stays intact.

Elsewhere, where it's still too early for dreams to be shattered, concerns are being assuaged. In Philly, for example, uncertainty looms over an offense featuring Kevin Kolb as the full-time starter for the first time. But there doesn't appear to actually be a whole lot of worry.

While Kolb has appeared calm and collected in the preseason, that's not a very useful barometer for how he will fare once the games actually mean something. Yet Aaron Rodgers success is the frequent comparison made to how many feel Kolb will fare this year.

His teammates seem to agree that Kolb is headed for big things. Receiver DeSean Jackson stepped forward today to tell the media that he thinks the offense hasn't lost a step in the transfer from Donovan McNabb to Kolb. Again, this doesn't mean it's actually going to happen that way, but it's better than having the discord that's going on now in Arizona.