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The NFC East Can Buy And Sell You

Forbes has released it's annual Most Valuable NFL Teams list and it' no surprise to see the Dallas Cowboys up top at $1.8 billion, followed by their divisional rivals, the Washington Redskins ($1.6B). Though it is worth noting that of the seven most valuable NFL franchises, the Giants and Eagles are also among them ($1.18B and $1.12B respectively). The NFC East is worth so much money, it might want to think about breaking off from the league and just doing its own business from now on. Full rankings can be seen here.

Meanwhile, as if the Jets and Patriots needed more reasons to hate each other, they're both near the top of the list. The Pats are valued at $1.37B (3rd) while the Jets are coming on strong at $1.14B (6th).

The biggest surprise? The Houston Texans rolling in at No. 5 with a value of $1.12B. Imagine ow valuable they'd be if they ever made the playoffs.

The Super Bowl might have raises the Saints profile exponentially but they've got a long way to go if they want to be among the league's most valuable. They're sitting in 21st place at $955 million.

Bringing up the rear? The Jacksonville Jaguars, as you probably figured. They're valued at $725M, which is chump change for whichever Los Angeles tycoon finally decides to pull the trigger and buy them.