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Report: BYU To Stay With Mountain West With Announcement As Early As Thursday

The details are sparse and they come from Natalie Meilser who is a long time reporter for Colorado State for The Denver Post:

I'm hearing from a number of sources that the Mountain West/BYU impasse could be resolved as soon as Thursday with all indications that the Cougars will remain in the MWC.

BYU beat writer Jay Drew from The Salt Lake Tribune contacted Meisler and was able to get more information on the topic:

Reached by telephone Wednesday night, Meisler stressed that "it is not 100 percent" certain that the issue has been resolved, but that "I feel good about it."

She said her sources are schools "in and out of the league" and that there are at least three sources telling her the deal is headed in this direction.

So, the key question is what type of concession will the Mountain West make to BYU regarding the television deal. In the Memorandum of Understanding, details came out that BYU would not only keep all money for games on BYU-TV, but they would also show WAC championship events that were not being aired on ESPN. That concession seems fair for BYU and the Mountain West, since even with their current television deal not all postseason events are on any of the three league networks.

Dick Harmon from the Deseret News has covered sports in the state of Utah for a long time sent out this tweet shortly after the news came about the possibility of BYU staying in the Mountain West.

I think BYU's priority is to go indy and if the MWC wants to deal, it would have to do backflips for Y. Believe it when I see it -BYU/MWCless than a minute ago via web