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USA-Greece Exhibition: Eric Gordon's Hot Shooting Carries U.S. In 87-59 Blowout

There probably isn't that much Team USA can take away from today's 87-59 blowout win over Greece in their final exhibition game before the World Championships begin this weekend. Greece was playing without star center Ioannis Bourousis, who probably would have had his way against Team USA's shallow frontline. 

That said, they have to be encouraged that they blew out a quality opponent, even if Greece was short-handed. Team USA's athleticism overwhelmed Greece the entire game, more than making up for their lack of size. Their speed led to a lot of transition baskets, particularly from long range. Maybe they won't be as successful getting in transition during the actual tournament, but today's game at least displays that Team USA is capable of masking it's size deficiency with pressure defense and open-floor athleticism.

Eric Gordon, the Clippers' guard who surprisingly made the team over Rajon Rondo, was on his game, nailing five threes and scoring 18 points. Team USA opened up their bench more to give more players rest, but Gordon's performance could convince coach Mike Krzyzewski to give him more burn during the tournament. 

Forward Costas Tsartsaris led Greece with 24 points, 17 of which came in the first half.