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Brad Hawpe Is A Free Agent; Red Sox, Rangers, Rays Interested

What was rumored has come true - nominal outfield Brad Hawpe is now officially a free agent, able to negotiate with any team in the league.

Brad hawpe is officially a free agent. His agent is talking to teams. I expect San Diego and Texas to be among them. Could sign todayless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

While Renck speculates that the Padres and Rangers will be interested in Hawpe's services, Ken Rosenthal hears from a source that it's the Rangers, Red Sox, and Rays who are placing calls.

The left-handed Hawpe can't play much defense and wouldn't be anything more than a September and playoff rental, but he does own a career .471 slugging percentage away from hitter-friendly Coors Field, so there's the potential that he could be of some use in a limited role down the stretch.