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UNC Reportedly Discovers 'Academic Infractions' During Self-Imposed Investigation

When it rains, it pours (NCAA violations). In the midst of an on-going investigation into North Carolina comes this new report: according to sources, the UNC football team has discovered "academic infractions" and submitted them to the NCAA for further review.

The infractions in question stem from violations involved with a tutor, and were found during a self-imposed investigation. ESPN's Joe Schad provided more detail when tweeted Thursday afternoon that "UNC is investigating if approximately 9 players including standouts had papers written by a former tutor." Those players supposedly involved were limited to the scout team in Wednesday's practice, Schad added.

UNC was already at the center of the NCAA's Sauron-like eye before Thursday for possible contact with agents, which was made public in July.

Telephone and financial release forms were requested for the student-athletes involved, as well as text message printouts for the past year. The interviews were conducted on July 12-13.

The NCAA returned to UNC for a second round of interviews on Aug 4-5.

Three of the players involved in Tutorgate, again, according to Schad, are Marvin Austin, Bruce Carter and Robert Quinn. Austin, you may recall, has reportedly already been interviewed "about receiving gifts or extra benefits."

The school has scheduled a press conference for Thursday night at 7:30 P.M. EDT, in which Chancellor Holden Thorp, athletic director Dick Baddour and football head coach Butch Davis will appear together, and will reportedly address "all components of the investigation," according to FanHouse's Will Brinson