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Rangers Mulling Over Possibility Of Adding Manny Ramirez

T.R. Sullivan reported that, while the Rangers are thinking about adding a bat, Brad Hawpe isn't an option, as he'd be another lefty on a team full of lefties. You know an available bat that isn't left-handed? From the same Sullivan article:

The Rangers are mulling the possibility of talking to the Dodgers about outfielder Manny Ramirez.

Club officials said they are considering all possibilities to improve the team and the idea of adding Ramirez's big bat is tempting.

One club official said it's unlikely the Rangers will land him and predicted Ramirez would remain with the Dodgers. The White Sox are also reportedly interested.

"Mulling the possibility", of course, isn't the same as actually making a move, and the Rangers don't seem like a perfect fit given that Manny can't really play the outfield and the team already has Vladimir Guerrero. Odds are this is just idle chatter. Any team will consider adding any available player. Still, it's the first we've heard of any interest on the Rangers' part, and it's worth keeping an eye on.

As the Rangers have a better record than the White Sox, Chicago would have waiver priority were the teams to put in a claim. The Rangers, though, would probably only make a move were Ramirez to clear, as that would give them the option of negotiating with the Dodgers over Manny's remaining 2010 salary. We'll find out the results of Ramirez's waiver situation Friday afternoon.