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The Fight Fix - Pre-UFC 118 Predictions

Luke Thomas explains this new feature:

Let me introduce you to The Fight Fix. This is a weekly series covering intriguing topics in MMA. It's created by producer Dustin Green, the gentleman to the right of the screen. He's a producer at Comcast SportsNet and the host of The Fight Fix. I'm proud to announce that SBNation, and more specifically this site, has entered into a content partnership with Comcast SportsNet via The Fight Fix.

Here's how this will work. Every week we'll publish the latest edition of The Fight Fix here and on I'll be making guests appearances every so often to offer analysis, predictions and whatever else you guys want to see.

You can follow The Fight Fix on Twitter and "Like" them on Facebook. For now this is a web property from Comcast SportsNet. But I can tell you the folks there are big fans of MMA and increasingly becoming invested in this sport. If you guys take care of their MMA efforts, they'll take care of you and MMA.

And I'd like to say, on a more personal note, I'm thrilled to be involved in a parternship with Comcast SportsNet. We've now established relationships with real third-party media like USA TODAY, CBS Radio and now Comcast SportsNet. I don't think any other site in all of MMA has this many partners with big media. We are honored to be working with CSN and look forward to creating the kind of content MMA fans can use and appreciate.

So, spread the word about this. Post it on message boards and let folks know The Fight Fix is here. Thanks for watching and here goes nothing.

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