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Fried Beer, The Sports Stadium Food Item Of The Future?

Your local state fair is more than just the 4-H Club and ferris wheels that can easily be packed onto the back of a semi-truck trailer (but no cause for alarm, because surely the training and requirements are quite thorough and strict to operate such machinery -- they don't pick just anyone from the methadone clinic). The fairgrounds have also long been the industry leader in deep-fried foods, guiding America into a future where anything and everything can be dipped in batter and then dunked in hot oil.

Fried Twinkies; Fried Oreos; Fried Snickers; Fried Butter -- these are things that actually exist (and are delicious). Which is why sports fans everywhere (though, probably mostly NFL and NASCAR supporters) turned their gaze with hungry interest to the Texas State Fair this week, because down there, they're frying beer.

As part of the Big Tex Choice Awards, vendors fry up everything you can imagine in hopes of winning the Most Creative and Best Taste awards. This has led to the Deep-Fried Latte, Texas Fried Cookie Dough, Fried Coke, Fried Lemonade and, in 2010, finally, Fried Beer

The Dallas Morning News describes it as "a beer-filled pretzel-like dough pocket that's shaped like ravioli. Take a bite and the beer pours out."

Mark Zable, the creator, says it took him three years and a consultation with a food scientist to figure out a way to make his dream a reality. Now, he keeps his recipe a secret, and already has applied for a Fried Beer patent and trademark.

Zable asked, "Why drink your beer when you can eat it?" A nation salutes you, Mark.