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SB Nation's Mock NHL Expansion Draft: We're Heading To Quebec City And Winnipeg

The votes have been tallied -- all 2,000-plus of them -- and we now know which cities our fine league will be expanding two. We're "Making It Eight," apparently.

The full results of the poll:

1. Winnipeg -- 28%, 653 votes

2. Quebec City -- 24%, 560 votes

3. Seattle -- 19%, 434 votes

4. Hamilton -- 11%, 250 votes

5. Portland -- 8%, 181 votes

6. Kansas City -- 7%, 160 votes

7. Houston -- 4%, 101 votes

Congratulations to Winnipeg and Quebec City for winning the vote. Now, it's time to name our new teams.

We want your suggestions. It's Friday night, so enjoy yourself, get creative, and drop some clever nicknames in the comments. (Jets and Nordiques don't count, because they're already going to be in the poll anyway.) Leave them in the comments.

The best ones will appear in a poll right here tomorrow afternoon and voting will close on Monday around Noon ET.