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Vince Young And Matt Leinart Catch Up On All Old Times


Vince Young: We’ll always have college, bruh. Those were the days, right?

Leinart: WERE the days? BRO. Half-Bro, Half-Amazing!!! VINCENT CAN’T BE CHASED!

Young: Huh?

Leinart: We still HAVE college!!! NEWSFLASH: Freshmen just moved in at USC. Do you have any idea how much ASS that means for this guy? [points two thumbs at himself]

Young: [awkward laughter] I’ve always thought you were kind of pathetic, but dog…

Leinart: WE’RE MILLIONAIRES BRO! I can buy like 80 packs of Silly Bandz for these chicks, bring over a funnel, and they think I’m coolest bro in the universe.

Young: Because you play football?

Leinart: Brosephius, I don’t think anyone can call what I do “football.”

Young: [Looks up at stadium lights]

Leinart: It’s all about the SILLY BANDZ.

Young: You sound a little bit like a sex offender.

Leinart: BROOOOO... You’re missing the point. I’m like the zany uncle figure at USC.

Young: The Uncle that molests people, maybe.

Leinart: Ummm… Whatever, bro. SORRY FOR PARTYING.