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UFC 118 Results - Randy Couture Submits James Toney

For as much tension as many felt leading up to Randy Couture's bout with James Toney the result was entirely predictable.

In the opening seconds Randy managed to reach down, grab Toney's foot and put him on the mat. Couture quickly moved to the mount and started landing punches. After a few more punches Couture quickly moved to an arm triangle choke that forced Toney to quit.

It was short, it was predictable and there's not really much to talk about. Everyone knew how this was going to go and any other result would have been a fluke. It proved nothing except that 7 months is not enough time for a fighter to learn enough about MMA to hang with a veteran like Randy Couture.

Toney said he'd be back in the UFC but I wouldn't count on it.