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Ndamukong Suh Gets His Money's Worth Out Of Personal Foul Penalty

Anybody who had a burning desire to see something horrible happen to Browns QB Jake Delhomme--like still-bitter Panther fans, or maybe hyper-specific racists--was in luck last night. During the Detroit Lions' game against Cleveland, Delhomme was flushed from the pocket when superfreak rookie Ndamukong Suh caught him. Specifically, Suh caught him by the head, and the violence was just beginning.

In one of the most obvious penalties in NFL history, Suh grabbed Delhomme by the face mask, then grabbed Delhomme's head with his other hand as well, tackled Delhomme with force applied to said head, then threw the hapless quarterback a second later for good measure. Oh, and Delhomme had gotten rid of the ball as soon as Suh had him by the facemask.

Video, for as long as it stays up, is after the break. 

Suh's tackle was sort of a "throwback" play in multiple ways; first, he literally threw Delhomme back for no apparent reason, and second, it was the type of tackle you'd expect to see Dick Butkus make in one of those "the NFL was full of horrible people 40 years ago" black-and-white highlight reels.

We're not going to go Full Marriotti and demand Suh get kicked out of the league or anything like that, but imagine if a more reviled defensive tackle--say, one Albert Haynesworth--had done the exact same thing. Think the announcers would still be laughing? Think Roger Goodell gets involved? Think he wouldn't?