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Manny Ramirez Not Playing With Dodgers, Appears To Be On The Move

Despite having recently returned from the DL, Manny Ramirez hasn't started a game since Wednesday. He's been out of the lineup for four days in a row, and Bob Nightengale reads between the lines:

#mlb #dodgers Since the Dodgers aren't playing Manny, it's clear they will dealing him. Manny is telling friends he can't wait to join Soxless than a minute ago via web

Joe Torre says Manny is "tentatively" penciled into the Monday lineup, but that doesn't carry much weight - if the Dodgers thought they needed Manny to make a playoff run, they'd be playing him. It certainly looks like he'll be sent to Chicago.

It's worth noting that the Dodgers are 32-22 when Manny starts, and 35-41 when he doesn't.