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Dodgers 'Intend To Send' Manny Ramirez To White Sox

Sunday afternoon, Manny Ramirez made a pinch-hit appearance for the Dodgers and was ejected after one pitch for arguing a called strike. According to Ken Rosenthal, that could and should be the last thing he does in the uniform.

The Dodgers intend to send Ramirez to the White Sox on Monday, either through a trade or by assigning his contract, according to a major- league source.

This is the most concrete language we've seen with regard to the situation, and it would appear that there's little left to sort out. While the White Sox may trade some young players or they may just take on Manny's contract, all indications are that they'll end up with their slugger for the stretch run.

As of this writing, the White Sox are 4.5 back in the AL Central, while the Dodgers are 6.5 back in the Wild Card.