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Dodgers Reportedly Deciding Between Trading Manny Ramirez For Prospect Jon Gilmore Or Cash

This Manny Ramirez situation is all going down very quickly now. Bob Nightengale has the latest, and be warned: it's getting mighty specific.

#mlb #whitesox #dodgers Dodgers trying to decide whether to take 3B prospect Jon Gilmore and pay chunk of Manny's salary or take the cashless than a minute ago via web

#mlb #dodgers #whitesox No matter what Dodgers decide, Manny has played final game for Dodgers. He may be in Cleveland in time for Sox game.less than a minute ago via web

Jon Gilmore is a third baseman who just turned 22 years old. With A-ball Winston-Salem, he's batted .318 on the year with a .754 OPS. The 33rd overall pick in the 2007 draft, Gilmore only has four home runs and has yet to show much of a stick, but as you would guess for a guy chosen so highly, he's got a lot of tools. They just have yet to translate to much professional success.

Over the rest of the season, Manny Ramirez is set to earn just around $4 million. It's up to the Dodgers to decide whether they want to save all that money, or save some of it and add Gilmore as well. Their decision should come shortly.