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Dennis Dixon Fails Test With First Team Offense

Dennis Dixon had an opportunity in the preseason game against Denver to possibly unseat Byron Leftwich as the Steelers Week 1 starter at quarterback, but came away looking far from ready to compete for a starting role.

Throwing two first half interceptions - a careless toss into the endzone with no one open and a pick-six near the end of the half - Dixon looked wholly unprepared to lead an NFL team that has designs on postseason play.

Dixon came into the preseason thought by many fans worthy to inherit the back-up role, having played fairly well in an emergency start last season in a road loss in Baltimore. But his confused demeanor in the pocket is likely to raise more questions about his capability as an NFL passer.

After struggling in the first half, Dixon returned to play in the 3rd quarter. He fared better at first, leading the team within field goal range, but the Steelers attempted to convert a 4th and 1, on which Dixon was dropped on an attempted scramble for a six yard loss.

Dixon ended the night with a final stat line of 9-for-16 for 94 yards and two interceptions.