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NBA Schedule To Be Released Tonight, And Nobody Knows Anything

The NBA is poised to release the 2010-2011 schedule of "marquee games" at 7 p.m. Tuesday night, but with the "Selection Special" looming, there have been conflicting reports as to which teams will be featured in the NBA's opening week, let alone the marquee games later in the season.

On Monday, reports surfaced that had the Heat and Magic opening the season (and Orlando's new arena) on October 28th in Orlando. Later on, a report from Cleveland's Brian Windhorst reported the Celtics and Cavaliers would be opening things on October 27th. Now, Yahoo! Sports' Marc Spears adds a wrinkle:

LeBron-Heat open @ BOS Oct 26, sources tell Y! Wiz Wall debuts Oct 27 @ ORL. Rumor is Lakers open versus Rockets in Yao's possible return.

So as of this moment, what do we know in advance of tonight's special? Nothing, really, except that some combination of the Celtics, Heat, Magic, Lakers, and possibly the Rockets or Cavaliers will be involved in the season-opening festivities in 2010. But you probably could have guessed that on your own. 

For now, sit tight, and as news becomes more concrete, we'll keep you updated.